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Dr. Shaukat Saeed Khan

Editor: Ms. Asma Shaukat
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Periodicity: : Bi-Annual
Published at: D-6/202, Raamiz Apartment, B.D.A. colony, Koh-e-fiza,  Bhopal - 462001 M.P. ( India),

                     Nanobiotechnica Universale  is an International journal to spread knowledge of nanobiotechnological,  biotechnological  and  biomedical researches all over the world   being published regularly since January 2010. The journal publishes original research papers in Biology and related disciplines like  the  papers in the field of Nanobiotechnology, Nanomachining, medical, biological and nanoscale sciences, cell physiology, cell adhesion sites and cell-cell communication, Molecular self-assembly, Lab-on-Chip applied to pharmaceutical, cosmetics, suntan lotions, bio-active nanoparticles, Atomic Force Microscopy, Scanning Probe Microscopy and related tools, supramolecular chemistry, molecular recognition,  DNA Nanotechnology,  Microtechnologies, biomedical and biotechnological applications, Colloid chemistry and related fields.

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